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The official delegation of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the Conference of the Parties struggled for determining Kazakhstan’s status as party included in Annex B to the Kyoto Protocol.  
We have worked heavily for many years to achieve this result.
Kazakhstan has developed low carbon policy reforms within the country:
1.    Parliament adopted a law on the establishment in Kazakhstan Emission Trading system
2.    Kazakhstan declared its figures for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions up to 2050, which shows our ambition to create a feasible climate regime
3.    Our country performs transition to a low carbon economy, which is an important step for us and an example for other countries of our region.
Our position has found understanding among Parties and civil society in all previous Conferences of the Parties. We explained our position on the numerous of side-events, during bilateral talks and at the meetings of working bodies of Kyoto protocol and the Convention.  
Unfortunately, Kazakhstan as a country expressed its interest in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at the national level has not understood by EU negotiators who were the main opponents to the Kazakhstan’s proposal.
The delegation of Kazakhstan had made all effort to achieve Consensus on the definition of our status under the Kyoto Protocol. Kazakhstan has shown its flexibility during the negotiations in informal meetings:
1.    A new base year for the Kazakhstan – 1990 (instead 1992),
2.    A new figures on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to 6% bellow base year.
3.    We propose to freeze our hot air to avoid its selling to any party and to prevent speculations on targets.
However, EU Negotiators without giving any logically understandable reasons trying to postpone the question of the participation of Kazakhstan in Annex B to the next Conference of the parties. The informal group meeting has been unable to reach a consensus. Therefore, Kazakhstan used its right in accordance with the paragraph 4  of the Article 21 of KP and has requested the secretariat and the Chair to initiate voting on our issue at the CMP Plenary.  
We hope that parties will vote for Kazakhstan. And we look forward to the support the positions of Kazakhstan by NGOs presented at the Conference of the Parties and all others.

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