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International experts launch Energy Efficiency Workshops across Kazakhstan in September

Irbaris LLP with the support of Kazakhstan’s Climate Change Coordination Centre (known as C4) is delivering a series of workshops to raise awareness of energy efficiency and accelerate the country’s progress towards a low carbon – high growth economy. The project – “Building Energy Efficiency Capability in Kazakhstan” – is funded by the UK Foreign Office through the British Embassy, Astana.

IRBARIS and C4, with the support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, will engage with Kazakh business leaders in five different regions across the country during one day workshops to discuss overcoming barriers to the successful implementation of energy efficient solutions. During each workshop, various examples of energy efficiency programmes from the international oil and gas, mining and manufacturing industries will be presented together with some of the technological and operational solutions in use around the globe. Participants will also be encouraged to examine the business impact of current energy policies in Kazakhstan. The workshops will therefore provide an introduction to new energy legislation and discuss the support opportunities available as well as the potential impact of the Kyoto Protocol on energy efficiency opportunities.

Active contribution from Kazakh business is crucial for the successful implementation of energy efficiency plans to support the sustainable development of Kazakhstan. Therefore, in an effort to reach the widest audience, workshops will take place in 5 cities: Astana (15 September 2009), Atyrau (18 September 2009), Almaty (21 September 2009), Karaganda (23 September 2009), Pavlodar (24 September 2009).

“Participants will learn useful practical ways to improve energy efficiency in their organisations that will provide cost benefits and contribute positively to Kazakhstan’s low carbon – high growth vision” said Iain Watt a spokesperson for Irbaris.

For further information please contact:
Iain Watt
Irbaris LLP
+44 (0)7771 663069

Sergey Vassilyev
Climate Change Coordination Centre (C4)
+7717 232 7217

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